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Dave Eggers

Today's way to work entry is what I read rather that what I saw. Perhaps I'm expanding my own way to work parameters, but hey I write the rules in this little fiefdom. What I want to share with you is a really well said interview/rant that Dave Eggers gave via email to The Harvard Advocate. After reading the addendum I'm feeling overwhelmingly uncritical about other's successes (hoping I will remember to reference this entry when I get all bitter again). It's sooo worth getting all the way through it, so read the whole damn thing and then go sell out and do something good with the profits. Ray, thanks for pointing me to this. Here's the link to 826 Valencia in case you want to donate time or money, or just tell someone else about it.

While searching for an image of Eggers to post above I came across this nifty McSweeny-esque site (a friend of Eggers I assume) utter wonder filled with stories, images and of course a blog. Ok, this I also love, the McSweenifier. It's a site that will format your writing in the McSweeny's design style - making your writing look better than it is. Oh and I feel I should link to McSweeny's store and their jokes just because it's smart writing and, above all else, it's pretty.

Art made with mission statements is not art. — Dave Eggers

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