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During his first live tour in Japan Carsten Nicolai met Ryuichi Sakamoto in Tokyo. A year after it happened that he was asked to remix material from Sakamoto for the Japanese magazine Code Unfinished.

"… the material that was given to me was already layered with digital effects. From one little clean piano piece I made the first track. Those simple piano chords i combined with a clear rhythm constellation. … somehow ryuichi was very surprised and really liked my work. Weeks later he sent me another specially for this project recorded track."

This was the beginning of an almost 2 year process of music exchange and creation. Vrioon is very relaxing, it opens rooms, landscapes blur before listeners eyes. Static rhythmic pieces circle round and vary one and the same theme that, with its impressionistic sphere, reminds of soundtracks and ambient compositions.

In this cooperation 2 different generations meet and share the idea of electronic music as an inspiration source for new musical structures.

Ruyichi Sakamoto can already refer to an enormous productive achievement. In 1978 he founded The Yellow Magic Orchestra together with Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi which later went on world tour with Kraftwerk. Since 1983 he has been working in the film branch and has written soundtracks for Merry Christmas, Mr. Laurence, The Last Emporer and Little Buddha. He also worked with famous artists such as David Bowie, David Byrne, David Sylvian, Iggy Pop, Robert Wilson and William Burroughs.

Carsten Nicolai can be seen as one of the most significant artist of the new electronic music generation that shows new attempts in sound composing with its radical reduced style. Besides several solo releases he also worked with ultra minimalist mika vainio from pansonic and the japanese sound artist ryoji ikeda. Carsten nicolai is one of the founders of the label raster-noton that was awarded the Golden Nica for digital music from Ars Electronica in 2000.

— Raster Noton

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