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// Swayzak Presents Serieculture


We are almost finished with our upcoming CD and Swayzak is coming to town. Email me if you are interested in getting a copy. We will only have a few but I will do what I can.

About Serieculture

Originally based on the Human League's "being boiled" lyric stating "stop your sericulture". Taken from a Swayzak live recording in Luxembourg 2001, and then edited by Roger 23, the result was released Serieculture 1-4 on Swayzak imprint Voltmusik in 2005. The misspelled word formed an idea.

Brun and Roger "23" Reuter met in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany in 1998, where Roger co-owns the Hardwax record store. Strutting around town, Brun and his Swayzak partner, James, came across the store as it closed but promised to return the next day to explore new music. On their return Roger introduced them to some fine, and strange music. Likewise he had never heard of Swayzak, and hence became one of their biggest supporters. They have remained friends and collaborators ever since.

David Brown and Roger 23

Initially they began as Swayzak Soundsysytem, playing Fabric's room three for up to 8 hours at a time. The Soundsystem idea was a way of DJing together, but felt they need a different identity to match the music they played, minimal house to bizarre 80's obscura together with Detroit techno, electro, and heavy dub. They are never shy to throw in an old Italo classic or of course the Human League. The Serieculture DJ's are different from many. Discerning with their taste in music, it is a back to back, ping pong DJ set, each record a challenge to the other! Designed to lay pressure on the dance floor and reminiscent of old Jamaican sound systems, chaos can be the order!

Roger 23 releases through Swayzak's 240 Volts, Voltmusik and Germany's Playhouse Records. Brun, one half of Swayzak releases thru !K7 Records, and runs the label Voltmusik. They have just released their first studio collaboration Old Man Sorrow on Voltmusik (vmk006).

Regulars at Fabric, London, Pressure, Glasgow, Watergate, Berlin, and Babylon, Istanbul, they also played cities and festivals from Antwerp, Amsterdam, Bari, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Funchal, Ghent, Lausanne, and Vicenza, to name but a few.

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hoteo [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hello, i'm a big fan of Swayzak but it's
impossible to find a copy of this release.
If there are still a copy I would be happy
to have one.
Many thanks

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