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// 05.15.07

Taken By Trees


Please go visit Taken By Trees. Victoria Bergsman has four of her upcoming tracks from her new album up for listening. The album is going to be released in Europe on June 18th. The site also has a cool simple message board and a fun "Find the Story Telling Tree" page. Find the story telling tree and listen to her magical voice.

Dell Computer's Fashion Don'ts

We just opened up our new Dell Server today and got these great fashion tips from Dell.



They highly recommend that you don't let your kids wear the cool hats they provide with every machine. Thanks Dell, we wouldn't have thought of that. Perhaps we will recycle them instead.

Tintin Comes to the Big Screen in 3D


According to Variety today, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson will direct at least two of the upcoming 3D Tintin spectacles. It has not been announced who will direct the third.

Tintin was written by Georges "Herge" Remi in the 1900's. You can read more on the globetrotting reporter and his friends at the Tintin website.

// 05. 2.07

they don't do it to you


What a super quirky and attention getting advertising series — it's quite silly but still poignant. Go see the site savesfbay.org and watch the mini ads and see the image gallery, then send it to a friend.

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