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// Gianni Calignano


A model displays shoes by Italian designer Gianni Calignano in Rome's Auditorium hall.

Ran into a nice photo essay on the BBC this afternoon and thought I would put up a shot from Gianni Calignano's collection.

Company profile and history

In 1987 Gianni Calignano started his activity as a fashion designer and opened in Nardò a show room, dedicated to his mother, who gave him “needle and thread” when he was still a child. For seven years he has been taking part in the most important events, along with the biggest names of the Italian Haute-Couture. The growing fame and the lively increase of the brand have been confirmed during the “Rome Alta Moda” weeks and the worldly fashion happenings. Further recognition have been given by the important partnerships Calignano has been having with famous brands like Swarovski, L’Oreal, Sophie Hallette and Forster Rhoner.

In 2004, together with the Haute Couture he created a “couture a porter” collection crafted in semi-taylor-made procedures, certainly conceived for a very high client who would desire and require the haute couture lines and richness, typical of Calignano Style, directly in the most prestigious boutiques, such as Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, Coral Glabe, Dallas and San Francisco.

Brand description

Calignano’s brand philosophy is Luxury, Culture and Tradition. These elements are expression of creativity and craftsmanship which are the bases of his garments. The designer says: “The woman I have in mind when I am designing is sophisticated, sexy, smart and dynamic. My woman is not afraid to be a woman. She can still be powerfull while keeping at the same time her femininity and sensuality”. Besides the brand represents the combination between the past and the future, in the expression of the present, of the becoming and evolution.

Collection description

Calignano’s A/I 2007/’08 collection, called “The Prestige”, is made of long dresses rich of details “au féminin” that wrap the bodies charmingly. Sparkling “bustieres” design graceful figures. Pants, long in duchesse, to be worn with shirts of tulle, with the brand of the maison, caress the life of creatures suspended between dream and truth. Shorts sparkling of lilac Swarovski become symbol of femininity. Full, gold skirts, with black inlays of chiffon. A silver dress, weaved with steel threads, closes the collection. The colours are magically gold and violet. The “effect shine” accessories complete the impalpable fabrics.

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