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// 01.22.09

SCSI-9: Line of Nine


While we were building Avantgarde // Swayzak Presents Serieculture a couple of years ago, I stumbled upon SCSI-9. Early last year I built a Pandora Radio Station crafted and fine tuned with their music but as much I tried to listen to the other artists on the channel, I couldn't help but want to listen to SCSI-9 all the time. So I purchased Line of Nine. What a great alternate to Swayzak all the time.


Comprised of Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milyutenko, the Moscow techno duo SCSI-9 made an international impact during its stint with Force Tracks, which began with some 12"s followed by the pair's full-length debut, Digital Russian (2003). Before signing to Force Tracks, SCSI-9 recorded tracks for labels like Trapez, Salo, and Freizeitglauben. Kubikov is the best known of the two because of his popularity as a DJ. SCSI-9 had begun as one of his solo projects but became a joint project in 2001 with the addition of Milyutenko, whom Kubikov had been collaborating with as Hero City Movers, Snowboarder, and Snooker Boy. Of the many projects helmed by the duo, SCSI-9 is by far the most successful. This became all the more apparent once the guys joined the Kompakt label following the collapse of the Force Inc. empire, which had included Force Tracks. Kompakt released a good number of SCSI-9 productions, including the duo's second full-length effort, The Line of Nine (2006).

// 01.20.09

Avantgarde Absinthe Blanche

Absinthe Bottle

To honor the Avantgarde holiday tradition, this year we produced a limited production run of 48 bottles of Absinthe Blanche. This special mix of Chardonnay Brandy infused with Star Anise, Wormwood and Fennel was originally distilled to 65 percent by our friends at St George's Spirits and mixed down to 60 percent in house with a special aqueous extraction of Wormwood.

A note on our special mix...

Unlike Absinthe Verte, Absinthe Blanche (also referred to as la Bleue in Switzerland) is bottled directly following distillation and is unaltered. It is a clear liquid which contains the distilled oils of the herbs used in its production. The name la Bleue was originally a term used for bootleg Swiss absinthe, but has become a popular term for Swiss absinthe in general.


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