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// 05.12.14

Reuben Wu: Infinite Sustain Shows at Lot 21

Reuben Wu Fire Emergency Simulator

Reuben Wu, photographer, visual artist, music producer, co-founder of the band Ladytron and long time Avantgarde collaborator is opening his latest photo exhibition at Lot 21 Thursday, May 22 6:00pm - 9:00pm. The show featuring his amazing landscape photography will run through June 25. You can get more information about opening night on Facebook. Come join us.

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// 01.20.09

Avantgarde Absinthe Blanche

Absinthe Bottle

To honor the Avantgarde holiday tradition, this year we produced a limited production run of 48 bottles of Absinthe Blanche. This special mix of Chardonnay Brandy infused with Star Anise, Wormwood and Fennel was originally distilled to 65 percent by our friends at St George's Spirits and mixed down to 60 percent in house with a special aqueous extraction of Wormwood.

A note on our special mix...

Unlike Absinthe Verte, Absinthe Blanche (also referred to as la Bleue in Switzerland) is bottled directly following distillation and is unaltered. It is a clear liquid which contains the distilled oils of the herbs used in its production. The name la Bleue was originally a term used for bootleg Swiss absinthe, but has become a popular term for Swiss absinthe in general.

// 10. 8.07

Helping People Out

Marcus Helping

As you can see from this sign posted in Muni Metro trains all around the San Francisco. Avantgarde is positioned to help all those in need.

// 09.14.07

Combat Mod Squad


The guys over at Rocket World have just released a limited edition set archival giclee prints depicting Titus on scooter night patrol. They are printed 17' x 22" acid free fine matte art paper. Each print is numbered and signed from an edition of 100 pcs.

Titus is part of Rocket World's Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (IWG).

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// 08.29.07

Smashing Magazine


Just ran into Smashing Magazine today. Doug my business partner in LightPole sent over a link and the resources here are pretty amazing. I especially like the article on Free Icons.

They have a lot resources for graphics, programing, design process and UI development.


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