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As NuvoMedia’s internal marketing communications team, Avantgarde’s partners found themselves challenged with launching the leading eBook hardware manufacturer’s first advertising campaign. The goal was to sell 10K units during the 1999 holiday season with a $1 million advertising and promotional budget. With little time and a limited budget to generate awareness during a season that was bombarded with eBusiness advertising and a limited selection of eBook content available to help foster interest from the general public, the team had to think fast and creatively in order to implement a large scale, national consumer campaign of a new technology.


The marketing communications team sourced, oversaw and managed an advertising agency to help in the development and implementation of an advertising campaign in major daily newspapers, a leafleting campaign in three major US cities focused on the promotion of new titles, as well as driving traffic to the company and partner websites with a direct sales campaign promoted on rocket-ebook.com.

the result:

As the marketing communications team at NuvoMedia, we achieved our sales goals of 10K units during the holiday season. Due to the momentum created during the holiday campaign, sales continued to increase until production could no longer fulfill the market demands. Due to this success NuvoMedia had to search out bigger production vendors to meet demands. The company was then acquired by Gemstar TV Guide, a Nasdaq 100 company.


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