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// 12. 5.13

The Asia Foundation Releases Afghanistan in 2013

Afghanistan in 2013: A Survey of the Afghan People

As part of a yearly program to survey the Afghan people, the Asia Foundation, today, released Afghanistan in 2013: A Survey of the Afghan People. This is the longest-running public opinion poll in the country. Afghans questioned in the Asia Foundation's 2013 survey cited insecurity (30 percent), corruption (26 percent) and unemployment (25 percent) as the biggest problems their country still faces.

The survey is being cited widely in the press via media outlets like NBC World News and PBS News Hour.

As part of the communications team, Avantgarde designed the cover, information graphics, and the advertising campaign. You can download the full report on the Asia Foundation website or view the full information graphic.

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// 12. 3.13

Google Nexus 5: Flipboard Campaign


When Google asked Autofuss to lead the global launch of its new smartphone, the Nexus 5, they were keen to focus on the camera experience. With this in mind, we worked with Google to find just the right opportunity to show how the Nexus 5 could capture the moments that matter.

Flipboard was the right medium allowing us to reach the target customer while showing off what the Nexus 5 could do. Enlisting the help of photographers and social media documentarians, Reuben Wu, Cole Rise and Annabel Mehran, we put together a collection of impactful photographs unretouched save for Nexus 5's HDR+ mode and Goole+ Photos Auto Enhance.

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