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// 01. 9.17

Addepar: The operating system for our financial world.

Addepar Home Page

Addepar’s goal is to create one “operating system” for the financial world. One platform that can manage any asset, any currency and provide real-time value and reporting and insight. Working together with Teak, we partnered with Addepar to create a positioning, visual identity system and brand story to clearly define their purpose, engage their audience and (in their words) change the financial world. We completely re-imagined their website and developed all content, including a documentary series featuring their clients and the visionaries behind the company as well as engaging and educational product overview and tutorial videos.

// 05.23.16

Cor Launches on Indiegogo


Today we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for an amazing product called Cor. Cor is a health tracker that allows you, at home, to measure your blood chemistry and get real insights into your health & wellness. If you’ve ever used a FitBit, or Nike Fuel Band or anything like it to track things like steps or sleep–Cor can actually tell you if those activities are actually making a difference in your overall health. Read more about Cor

// 09.17.14

Tycho's Music Video Redux For "See"

Tycho See

The Creators Project just premiered GMUNK and company's performance cut of Tycho's See video, entirely made up of Kinect-informed infrared footage. Its an amazing visual exploration of the original See experience.

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// 06.26.14

Bot & Dolly's BOX Receives Silver Lion at Cannes

This week, on the heels of its Webby Award win for best experimental film, Bot & Dolly's Box received a Silver Lion for Film Craft at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

With over 6 million total views on Vimeo and YouTube combined, Box is the Creators Project fourth most watched video and a feature in many film festivals around the world including the International Short Film Festival - Clermont-Ferrand.

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// 06.13.14

Online Video Go Korea Launches as part of Visa’s The Samba of the World


As part of Visa World Cup Digital Campaign, The Samba of the World, Avantgarde produced Go Korea, a celebration of South Korea Football. Directed by Reuben Wu, the video delves into South Korea's rich and euphoric football fan experience through the pencil and paintbrush of the street artist Sam Flores. The journey is an audiovisual anthem of both ancient and modern South Korea, depicted in a dynamic, moving collage of sound and vision.

You can see Go Korea as part of Visa’s The Samba of the World playlist or on the Visa’s World Cup site where you can jump between all films at any time by selecting each country's flag.

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// 05.14.14

Tycho's "See" Video Premiers on the Creators Project


We are proud to announce today that the Creators Project premiered Tycho's video for See. The video was directed by Bradley "GMUNK" Munkowitz, who was also the creative director on the Webby Award winning Box, the lead interface graphic designer on Oblivion and animated graphics designer on Tron.

The video shot with a modified RED EPIC camera to capture the full light spectrum, is a mystic vignette that follows a single heroine's journey through a series of stunning environments and parallel universes.

// 05. 8.14

Instagram Filter Creator Releases Litely a Photo App for iOS


Cole Rise, photographer, designer and developer of the majority of Instagram’s photo filters has just released his first photo app, Litely. Cole has a unique perspective on digital photography, social sharing and app design that has influenced his work as developer/photographer and Litely has been designed to embody his philosophy of the simple, subtle and natural. He believes that digital images and camera phone photos specifically should not be caricatures of themselves but beautiful works of art, proudly shared and made to last the test of time.

We are proud to be a part of his launch and feel that that Litely for iOS will change the way consumers think about their images by helping them take better photos with their phones and other digital devices.

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// 05. 1.14

Box Wins 2013 Webby Award for Best Experimental & Weird

Box Webby Award

Bot & Dolly's Film Box joined the ranks of other Webby Award honorees by winning the 2013 category prize for Best Experimental & Weird Internet video. The Experimental & Weird category honors sites and Internet videos that reflect a fresh perspective in thought and action strong enough to start a revolution, change a behavior pattern, or advance old thinking lodged in bad habits, or that are just plain weird.

Congratulations to the Bot & Dolly team for their amazing work. We are proud to have been part of this Internet sensation and know that there is more to come from this creative powerhouse.

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// 02.26.14

Google Nexus 7: Fear Less

As part of the global campaign for the Google Nexus 7 tablet, we created a series of authentic, emotive stories based on the Google experience. The launch spot for the campaign, "Fear Less," is the tale of a young man who uses the Nexus 7 to overcome his fear of public speaking, only to encounter another one of life's great challenges.

// 01.31.14

Google Nexus: New Website

Screenshot 2014-01-27 16.56.38

As part of the evolution of the Nexus brand and product line, Google asked Autofuss to redesign the Nexus website. Historically Nexus had been a single line of mobile phones and the existing microsite suited this product lineup. But as Nexus started to build a range of products including the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets while at the same time continuing to launch phones, their site needed to scale with the brand. At the same time, Nexus was moving from a brand targeted at developers using the Nexus phones as a reference development platform to a brand for mainstream consumers. With this in mind Autofuss, in a development partnership with Redshift and UNIT9, re-imagined the product site as a full fledged brand site for the Google Nexus family of phones and tablets.

// 01. 6.14

Google Winter Wonderlab


When Google asked Autofuss to create a one of a kind brand experience for the holidays, they wanted us to transcend the traditional retail pop-up and provide shoppers an opportunity to have some fun while getting a broader understanding of Google's products. With this in mind, we created Google Winter Wonderlab as a place where kids and adults could escape the typical holiday shopping experience and enjoy an oasis of entertainment, creativity, and excitement, made possible through the power of the Google.

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// 12. 5.13

The Asia Foundation Releases Afghanistan in 2013

Afghanistan in 2013: A Survey of the Afghan People

As part of a yearly program to survey the Afghan people, the Asia Foundation, today, released Afghanistan in 2013: A Survey of the Afghan People. This is the longest-running public opinion poll in the country. Afghans questioned in the Asia Foundation's 2013 survey cited insecurity (30 percent), corruption (26 percent) and unemployment (25 percent) as the biggest problems their country still faces.

The survey is being cited widely in the press via media outlets like NBC World News and PBS News Hour.

As part of the communications team, Avantgarde designed the cover, information graphics, and the advertising campaign. You can download the full report on the Asia Foundation website or view the full information graphic.

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// 12. 3.13

Google Nexus 5: Flipboard Campaign


When Google asked Autofuss to lead the global launch of its new smartphone, the Nexus 5, they were keen to focus on the camera experience. With this in mind, we worked with Google to find just the right opportunity to show how the Nexus 5 could capture the moments that matter.

Flipboard was the right medium allowing us to reach the target customer while showing off what the Nexus 5 could do. Enlisting the help of photographers and social media documentarians, Reuben Wu, Cole Rise and Annabel Mehran, we put together a collection of impactful photographs unretouched save for Nexus 5's HDR+ mode and Goole+ Photos Auto Enhance.

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// 09.24.13

Bot & Dolly Releases BOX

On September 24, Avantgarde in conjunction with The Creators Project launched Bot & Dolly's BOX, a film that documents a first ever live synchronized performance using 3D Projection Mapping, Robots and Actors. The launch was an amazing success with over 1 million views in first 24 hours and 4 million views to date. Press for the film included Engadget, Wired, Gizmodo, io9, Motionographer, The Verge and The Creators Project to name a few.

As io9 says, "It's a five-minute short film called "Box" — and it's nothing short of revolutionary."

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// 09.19.12

Subatomic, Google and Cirque du Soleil Launch Movi.Kanti.Revo

Earlier this year at Google I/O, Google gave developers a sneak peek at Movi.Kanti.Revo, a new sensory Chrome experiment crafted by Cirque du Soleil and developed by Subatomic Systems that brings the magic of Cirque du Soleil to the web through modern web technologies. The full experiment, which allows users to follow a mysterious character through a beautiful world of Cirque du Soleil performances, was launched today at the Big Tent event in New York City.

The experiment was created using just HTML5, and the environment is built entirely with markup and CSS. Like set pieces on stage, divs, images and other elements are positioned in a 3D space using CSS. To create movement, CSS animations and 3D transforms were applied making the elements appear closer and further away. Everything is positioned and scaled individually to create a highly realistic interactive environment. In addition, the experiment uses HTML5

We are honored to have worked with Subatomic Systems on this project. Congratulations to Aubrey Anderson and his team at Subatomic for a job well done.

Head over to Movi.Kanti.Revo at to check things out.

// 04.28.11

Wordnik Launches NOOK Word of the Day with Barnes & Noble


Wordnik, the largest English language dictionary and provider of word related services, just launched NOOK Word of the Day with Barnes & Noble for the NOOK Color.

The application helps NOOK readers to expand their vocabulary while also discovering great new books NOOK Book Store. Powered by Wordnik, the world's largest online dictionary, the NOOK Word of the Day app shows interesting words in context, as they are really used by the best (and best-selling) authors. It also includes audio pronunciations!

It is available on the NOOK Color from the NOOK App store.

// 03. 1.10

Stephin Merritt plays Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Stephin Merritt GSP

As part of an ongoing partnership with the Rights Workshop, Avantgarde co-hosted a special solo performance and talk with Stephin Merritt at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. He performed three songs including Book of Love on his Ukulele and then Brooke Wentz, the Rights Workshop, interviewed Stephin and his manager Claudia Gonson and then moderated an audience Q/A.

Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields have just released Realism on Nonesuch records and are touring the West Coast.

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// 02.24.10

Particle Programmatica Taps Avantgarde for Marketing Strategy


I am happy to announce that Particle Programmatica has asked Avantgarde to come on board and help craft their marketing communications strategy. We will be working with them to develop their brand platform and messaging as well as assist them in the development of strategic press, influencer and co-marketing relationships.

"We make massively small products that shorten the distance between the internet and awesome," says Aubrey Anderson, Particle Founder and CTO. "We look forward to working with Avantgarde to continue that mission and make the conversations we have with our customers and partners as meaningful and as resonant as possible."

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// 02.10.10

Creative Social San Francisco '09

Last November, Avantgarde worked with Pereira & O'Dell to produce Creative Social's tenth creative summit this time in San Francisco.

Creative Social

Every big idea started out as a question. Global brands, political revolutions, successful blind dates—they all began with What if…? What if we put cotton on a stick? What if we sent bits of data through the air? What if we made a car that runs on feelings? That last one’s made up, but then again, so is everything.

This year’s Creative Social brought together some of the world’s most notorious what-iffers from 15 cities across 10 countries. These infamous innovators assembled in a 100-year-old former speakeasy, the BarrelHouse, to share stories and discuss the future of their respective fields—Design, Music, Film, Technology, Food and Business.

It was only fitting that the Fall ’09 Creative Social landed in San Francisco. A notorious bubble of innovation, ideas, and liberal politics, the city by the Bay is the perfect backdrop for this weeklong what-if-a-thon. Each day, talks explored concepts, products, and movements that began locally, but grew into global phenomena. All this occurred over delicious local fare and the muffled din of smart people whispering excitedly to other smart people.

// 02. 2.09

America's Role in Asia

Americas Role in Asia

America's Role in Asia is a 310-page volume of recommendations on U.S. foreign policy for the new administration from some of the world's preeminent American and Asian experts. Their analysis and insight came out of a year of closed-door summits convened across Asia and the U.S. by The Asia Foundation. Completed just prior to the presidential conventions last fall, we created a sophisticated rollout strategy aimed at getting America’s Role in Asia (ARA) into the hands of every influential advisor on both campaigns. Our ads complement that strategy with the aim of conveying the seriousness of the content, while evoking rich cultural aspects of Asia. The ads feature brilliant, arresting Asian images and elegant artwork in a palette of plums and golds, with crisp language to quickly attract and communicate with our audience. Targeting changemakers, foreign policy advisers and other influencers, our first ads ran on, and, leading up to our Washington and San Francisco releases. Ads then ran in The Washington, and in a targeted “Today’s Headlines” New York Times blast. Finally, at dawn on the day President Obama took office, we ran a dramatic, rich ad at the top of The New York Times inauguration blast, offering “Foreign Policy recommendations for President Obama”. The entire campaign funneled unprecedented web traffic, dramatically overtaking all previous records; the final New York Times blast resulted in the highest ever number of visitors to our site in a single day, tripling our average: 10,790 visitors.

// 03.26.08

Site Outage

Due to a run of power outages over the last few weeks, the Avantgarde website has been down more than up. I found the configuration problems that were causing the Internet connectivity problems, so the site should be back up and running for good.

// 04. 8.07

Best Non-Profit Online Ad 2007

Books Awards NYTimes

As the Creative Director for the Asia Foundation, Kristin Colombano has won the Internet Advertising Competition award for Best Non-Profit Online Ad. Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association's annual WebAward Competition has been helping interactive professionals promote themselves, their companies, and their best work to the outside world.

// 03. 7.07

Avantgarde Refreshes Its Look

After a few years of just maintaining the Avantgarde web site, we have finally refreshed the site to more accurately reflect our evolving business, the changing times and our varied cultural and business interests.

What will you find?

The new Avantgarde website is actually three websites in one:

1. First you will find the corporate information site. This area has all of Avantgarde’s updated information, a new portfolio area, and a collection of new clients and updated case studies. These case studies include 4 new stories about our work with Palm, the Timbuk2 store and Timbuk2 TED Bag and Zone Labs.

2. Next you will see the first of two blogs. The Press blog contains all of Avantgarde’s company and client announcements, press clippings, press releases and client quotes. This area will be updated regularly with new press, client announcements, site updates and portfolio additions.

3. Finally you will find the Avantgarde Journal. This area contains musing about our personal interests in music, fashion, food and design as well as any other areas that we might fancy.

Let us know what you think.

I would love to hear what you think about our new look and content. When you get some time, send me an email to, or just put up a blog comment on one of our entries.

Keep in touch and get our updates.

If you want to keep on top of what’s new with Avantgarde and see what we are doing, you can either subscribe to our site RSS feed or sign up for our email list. The first fifty people to sign up for the email feed will get a copy of our recently released limited edition double CD: Avantgarde // Swayzak Presents Serieculture.

// 11. 1.06

avantgarde releases swayzak cd


This year Avantgarde celebrates its 15th year with a collection of CDs produced by some of its favorite artists. Swayzak presents Serieculture, the first in this series, is a two CD set including a collection of unreleased and super rare Swayzak tracks matched with a live vinyl mix crafted by Roger 23 at his studio in Saarbrücken.

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// 12.14.04

Timbuk2 Ships Bag In A Box

San Francisco’s own Timbuk2, a maker of hand-sewn bags for bicycle messengers and cycling enthusiasts since 1989, has Just introducing thier newest innovation - Bag In A Box. They have packaged a special $100 gift card in a distinctive package - perfect for your holiday gift giving. A unique secret code on the back of the card unlocks the $100 value on their web site - just enough for a custom messenger bag, one accessory and express shipping.

// 11.29.04

Automated “Bots” Overtake PCs Without Firewalls Within 4 Minutes

Working with Kevin Mitnick and USAToday, Avantgarde released a study on November 29th that showed that automated "bots," worms and other threats pummeled six computer platforms over a two-week period with 305,955 total attacks. Results also revealed, and that an inadequately protected computer fell victim to an actual compromise within four minutes of first plugging into the Internet.

Read the USAToday article

Download the study abstract

// 10.24.04

palmOne Launches the Treo 650

In November, palmOne introduced a new member of the Treo smartphone family — the Treo 650 smartphone — giving mobile professionals all they need to stay connected and in touch. The Treo 650 simplifies customers’ lives by combining a compact, full-featured mobile phone with email, a Palm OS organizer, messaging and web access.

The smartphone update has a higher-resolution screen and a faster processor than the previous top-of-the-line model, the Treo 600. Additions include a removable battery and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. An improved VGA camera promises to work better in low-light situations and to record video as well as still images.

Check out the new Treo 650 features

// 06.13.03

Timbuk2 Hires Avantgarde to Expand Audience Appeal

San Francisco’s own Timbuk2, a maker of hand-sewn bags for bicycle messengers and cycling enthusiasts since 1989, has hired Avantgarde to help evolve its brand strategy as it introduces products geared toward broader lifestyles. The company’s new Graphic Messenger Bags and Laptop Bags have been winning rave reviews, and the company plans to expand into other related lifestyle products.

Tibetan Aid Fundraising Event More Than Doubles Previous Year’s Donations

The Tibetan Aid Project is a Berkeley, CA-based organization that works to preserve and restore Tibet’s cultural and spiritual heritage. For the past three years, the organization has raised funds through an annual Taste and Tribute dinner featuring a range of cuisines. For this year’s event, held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, Avantgarde developed a unique mail-out invitation beckoning supporters to the gala dining experience, which showcased nine four-course menus created by 18 renowned chefs. The event raised more than $100,000 for Tibetan Aid, surpassing the 2002 dinner’s fundraising record by more than $50,000.

The Tibetan Aid Project was founded by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku in 1969 and is staffed entirely by volunteers. The project supports the production and distribution of sacred Tibetan texts and art to Tibetans in Asia. It also provides general assistance to monastic centers, sponsors traditional ceremonies, and works to promote awareness of Tibetan civilization around the world. Avantgarde looks forward to supporting such a worthwhile cause in the years to come.

Tibetan Aid Fundraising Event More Than Doubles Previous Year’s Donations

The Tibetan Aid Project is a Berkeley, CA-based organization that works to preserve and restore Tibet’s cultural and spiritual heritage. For the past three years, the organization has raised funds through an annual Taste and Tribute dinner featuring a range of cuisines. For this year’s event, held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, Avantgarde developed a unique mail-out invitation beckoning supporters to the gala dining experience, which showcased nine four-course menus created by 18 renowned chefs. The event raised more than $100,000 for Tibetan Aid, surpassing the 2002 dinner’s fundraising record by more than $50,000.

Annie C. Delivers Unique Handbags to the San Francisco Bay Area

Working from Annie C.'s fusion of old-world charm with contemporary style, Avantgarde developed the company's identity, product hangtags and sales materials. The design solution speaks directly to the unique aspects of Annie C. products by using an elegant and stylish typeface, an offbeat, quirky and appealing color palette and graphic details inspired from the bags’ beautiful linings and stitching.

Annie C., an accessory and apparel company, launched its Spring/Summer 2003 product line comprised of innovative and whimsical handbags. Based in Healdsburg, California, Annie C. has distribution in specialty boutiques in the San Francisco bay area, Napa and Sonoma counties. San Francisco boutiques include OOMA, Heidi Says, Brown Eyed Girl and Jest Jewels.

Share Our Strength Hosts Taste of Nation at Teatro ZinZanni

Working with Share Our Strength's local event committee, Avantgarde was asked to design the Taste of the Nation invitation and program showcasing Teatro ZinZanni while communicating Share Our Strength's non-profit goals. Our solution was to highlight the amazing and truly marvelous acrobats from the wildly theatrical Teatro Zinzanni show by using mysteriously dark photography combined with the crisp, streamline deco look from the guidelines of Taste of the Nation’s national branding campaign.

Taste of the Nation is the nation's preeminent culinary benefit supporting the fight to end hunger. Each spring, more than 10,000 community leaders come together in more than 65 cities across the United States and Canada to organize one-of-a-kind culinary events. Since 1988, Taste of the Nation events have raised more than $50 million which have supported more than 450 organizations working to end hunger and poverty in the United States and abroad.

Avantgarde Supports Meals On Wheels Through Another Record Year

Avantgarde is proud to announce that Meals On Wheels has had another record year. The 2003 Meals On Wheels Chefs & Vintners Gala raised more than $500,000 for San Francisco's homebound seniors. With a new location atop Nob Hill, the event continues to be a success.

Avantgarde Leads Buzz Campaign for the Treo 600

A strategic seeding project developed by Avantgarde put Handspring’s new Treo 600 smartphone into the hands of key personalities in the entertainment, technology and business worlds, continuing the company’s successful viral marketing efforts around its Treo line of mobile communications devices. The highly visible “influencers” reached by Avantgarde acted as leaders or connectors to other personalities in their circles, helping to spark an epidemic of Treo 600 purchases immediately upon the device’s release in September. Avantgarde is presently developing testimonials around influencers' use of the Treo.

A December article in Business 2.0, “Anatomy of a Buzz Campaign,” highlighted the value of this program in generating awareness of the Treo 600 (see article in Business 2.0; subscription required). Business 2.0’s Damon Darlin asked Biz360, a San Mateo, CA-based media analysis company, to track mentions of the Treo 600 in print and electronic media. Biz360 found that between the launch of the device in September and late October, the buzz campaign had garnered free editorial coverage equivalent to $265,000 worth of advertising space.

(Avantgarde contributed to Biz360’s own successful launch in 2001 with launch materials, a corporate web site, and interface and branding design.)

Buoyed by positive reviews of the Treo 600, Handspring merged with Palm in October, creating the new PalmOne. (See press release). And in November, the Treo 600 received PC Magazine’s Technical Excellence Award and was a finalist for the Best of COMDEX Award in the Mobile Devices category. (See press release). Avantgarde congratulates Handspring on the Treo 600’s phenomenal success and stands ready to help other clients establish “customer epidemics” through targeted product placement with visible thought leaders.

Corel/Xerox Partnership Leads to Holiday Promotion of Xerox Free Color Printers Program

Avantgarde continues its relationship with Xerox, helping to develop strategic marketing partnerships to support the company’s FreeColorPrinters program, which delivers free color printers to qualified organizations such as non-profits, schools, and small businesses. A partnership we arranged between Xerox and Corel earlier in 2003 has now resulted in a holiday promotion offering Corel products to FreeColorPrinters program members.

Through a targeted e-mail, Xerox offered program members 25% savings on the Business Bundle and Graphics Bundle of Corel software. Corel, best known for its award-winning CorelDRAW® and WordPerfect® Office Suite, gives customers the power to create, exchange and instantly interact with visual content.

// 05.13.03

Avantgarde Continues to Support Meals on Wheels

Working with Meals on Wheels for the 2nd year in a row on their Gala Event, Avantgarde is supporting the overall marketing, design and strategic development efforts as key member of their team. Each year the Meals On Wheels Gala event is the primary fundraiser for the organization, to date raising over 3.5 million dollars.

// 01.23.03

365 Main Creates an Online Home for its Data Center

Situated atop Rincon hill, the 365 Main data center building is anchored on a natural bedrock slab. Originally constructed as a U.S. Marine Corps storehouse in 1946, it underwent a substantial $130 million renovation in 2001. Today, it is simply the best-built, most intelligently designed structure in San Francisco and possibly the United States for mission-critical data center operations. Avantgarde worked with the operations staff to develop a website that accurately communicates the features and benefits of this unique data fortress.

// 01.14.03

Avantgarde Continues to Promote the Treo

Following the success of the Avantgarde first Treo seeding project, Handspring hired Avantgarde to develop a new program around its new Treo 300 which supports the Sprint PCS Vision network. Avantgarde targeted the speaker base at PopTech! 2002 conference, giving each speaker a new Treo with Sprint service. PopTech! is a once-in-a-lifetime conference that features nationally known speakers from both the mass media and the digital worlds. Avantgarde continues to work with Handspring to spread the word and help promote its products.

Handspring Treo Communicator Named Best Overall Product of 2002.

// 12.20.02

Avantgarde Gives Computers to Cambodian Schools

Working with the American Assistance for Cambodia/Japan Relief for Cambodia, Avantgarde donated all of its extra computer equipment to support this organizations school building efforts. Initiated by Bernard Krisher, a US philanthropist and Far East representative for the Media Lab, this program is devoted to building two hundred new elementary schools in Cambodia and providing them with Internet access.

// 11.28.02

GCI Construction Launches their Corporate Website

GCI is an innovative and proactive commercial contracting and construction management firm that specializes in commercial interior, corporate facility, seismic upgrade and building renovation projects, all with a focus on “Green” construction techniques. Avantgarde worked with GCI to develop a strategic web marketing plan developing their website content, information architecture and interface design. Launched in November of this year at the BuildEx construction conference, GCI is using their website as the marketing cornerstone of their business development efforts.

// 10.29.02

Avantgarde Leads Partnership Efforts for the Xerox Free Color Printers Program

Leveraging three years of experience developing demand generation programs for the Xerox Free Color Printers Program, Avantgarde is now leading the development of long-term strategic partnerships with companies that can help increase Free Color Printers member value while furthering the distribution of Xerox's Solid Ink based printers.

Since 1999, the Xerox Free Color Printers Program has provided qualified organizations with a free color printer direct from Xerox. This innovative program was created to deliver professional, powerful and fast color printing capabilities to organizations, enabling them to distinguish themselves with color printing. The Free Color Printers program serves thousands of organizations, including: non-profits, schools, religious organizations and small businesses of all kinds.

// 11. 1.01

SFMOMA CX Gets its First Web Site Thanks to Avantgarde

The Contemporary Extension auxiliary group from SFMOMA has been a fast growing group of young adults between the ages of 21 and 40 formulated to further their member's knowledge of the art world and support SFMOMA. With a goal to increase membership dramatically in 2001, it was time for CX to have an official website. Avantgarde partner, Jennifer Betti is an active member of CX and volunteered Avantgarde's services to develop a fresh, colorful, bright and artistic site to project CX's interest in design and the art world. The design demonstrates these attributes while being informative and a central point for CX's focus on networking.

// 10. 1.01

Handspring Hires Avantgarde for a Strategic Seeding and Influencer Program

In October 2001, Handspring launched their new Treo product at the prestigious Agenda conference. In order to generate demand for this new and innovative compact communicator that integrates a mobile phone and wireless applications like email, short messaging and Internet browsing, Handspring hired Avantgarde to develop a strategy and implement a program to get this hot product in the hands of the most influential people.

Packet Design Launches New Site

Packet Design is not only Vernier Networks parent company, but also one of Avantgarde's charter clients. After spinning off Vernier and forging ahead with new technologies, it was clear that Packet Design needed an expandable website to allow for its rapid growth. Avantgarde was engaged to capture Packet Design's innovative wireless, packet based technology in a easy to navigate and clean site design. Inspired from Mondrian, as the father of technological “packet” art imagery, Avantgarde designed a colorful and simple site that is easily expanded to showcase Packet's growing content.

Avantgarde Partners Help Meals on Wheels

Always dedicated to staying involved in the community, Avantgarde has donated design services to Meals on Wheels of San Francisco (MoW). In October of 2001, MoW formulated a Gala Steering Committee to help drive the marketing, advertising and public relations of its annual fundraiser. Partners, Kristin Kelly Colombano and Jennifer Betti are active committee members engaged in pro bono projects to help maximize the Gala's success.

// 09. 1.01

Vernier Gets "Best in Show" Award from N+I

One of Avantgarde's highest profile clients, Vernier Networks, launched their new product at Networld + Interop in September of 2001. Seen as one of the most innovative new wireless networking technologies, N+I gave Vernier the prestigious "Best in Show" award.


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