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How do you showcase a brand that’s truly one of a kind?


Build your own store — from the ground up — and put creativity on display.

Most companies can move into ready-made retail spaces without a second thought. Timbuk2 is not one of them. Considering that customers can choose the colors, styles, and stitching for a Timbuk2 bag, making it a true expression of themselves – how could the company hang a shingle anywhere that’s one-size-fits-all?

Such was the situation in 2005, when Timbuk2 and Avantgarde collaborated on building a flagship store to act as an anchor for the company’s retail identity. Avantgarde provided the guiding vision of a space that would emphasize the rugged, urban, but design-oriented culture of the company. Architect William Duff realized that vision in 800-square feet of sidewalk-style concrete floors, graffiti murals, and simple white shelving that lets the bags be the hero.

Timbuk2 filled those shelves with one-of-kind and limited edition bags that are not part of their wholesale offerings, alongside an ongoing display of local artist original canvas bags in locked jewel cases.

the result:

On April 1, 2006, the doors at 506 Hayes Street officially opened, beneath a weathered steel sign announcing it as the new home of Timbuk2. Just before the launch, Avantgarde hosted a block party celebrating the store, complete with a DJ, graffiti windows, and more than 200 guests. The word on the street that night – and every night since – is that this standalone store perfectly represents the stand-apart brand of Timbuk2.


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