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With a strong foundation in strategic planning and development, the team at Avantgarde helps our clients understand who they are and communicate key messages to their customers. By embodying our clients’ identity in all critical facets of their marketing communications efforts, we quickly and efficiently enable them to establish market leadership and profitability.


Strategic Planning
Corporate and Product Positioning
Corporate and Product Naming

At Avantgarde, we begin our marketing efforts with the formation of a strategy and an understanding of our clients’ customers, products and services. We work with our clients’ executive team to establish focus, ensure executive agreement and provide a foundation for consistent messaging. Whether it is corporate positioning, product naming or developing an overall marketing communications plan, Avantgarde starts with a clear understanding of our clients’ corporate goals and objectives.

We work with our clients to help refine corporate positioning, communications objectives and market differentiation. We use this knowledge to help segment the market and define competitive advantages, and then build our positioning platforms from which we will launch and manage all marketing and design programs.

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marketing outreach

Influencer Programs
Collateral Materials
Demand Generation
Customer Retention
Strategic Seeding
Guerrilla Marketing
Event Planning

To meet the strategic goals and objectives of our clients, Avantgarde builds programs that are not only aimed at acquiring new customers, but retaining existing customers over the long term. Using innovative marketing tactics, Avantgarde launches our clients’ corporate or product message into new uncharted markets or broadens the reach of our clients’ existing message deeper into existing markets. All this with clear measurable results.

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graphic design

Corporate and Product Identity
Collateral Systems
Presentation Materials
Invitations & Specialty Items

At Avantgarde, we base all of our design on a solid strategic foundation. From this foundation, we work with our clients to develop the visual tools needed to effectively communicate with their customers and meet their goals and objectives. Unlike the majority of design firms, Avantgarde does not have a particular style that we subject our clients to; on the contrary, we tailor our designs to individually fit our clients’ products and services for a unique and targeted result. Since our designs are based on a clients’ long-term strategy our designs provide lasting results.

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web design

Information Architecture
Interface Design

Our approach to web design uses the same strategic process as our graphic design while keeping the special needs of the web in mind. Our clients’ sites do not end up being just an electronic equivalent of paper but a branded and intuitively interactive resource for corporate and product information with a unique and maintainable design.

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Public Relations

Press Materials
Press and Analyst Tours
Speaking Opportunities

With a network of experienced PR professionals, Avantgarde’s PR partners enlist the help of key editors in our clients’ target market to launch and maintain a buzz around our clients’ unique products and services. Leveraging off our clients’ communications objectives and our relationships with the press, our clients are able to communicate information about their products and services though a trusted third party thereby gaining customer confidence and building credibility in the marketplace. In the end, our clients become the trusted source of information and are demonstrated experts and leaders in their field.

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