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A client asks you to increase their website traffic by 300%. Do you agree?


Yes. Then you make good on your promise by upping traffic 300%…then 400%… then by nearly 500%.

Xerox’s Tektronix division had a tall order for Avantgarde when they hired us in 2000. They needed to increase traffic to the FreeColorPrinters.com website by 300%, increasing delivery of their Phaser 840 and 850 color printers, while avoiding conflict with the Xerox direct sales channel. Oh, and one other small request: these gains had to be realized within just six weeks.

Avantgarde took a 360-degree approach to this challenge. Through demographic research, we targeted specific small to mid-size professional business groups, ranging from direct marketing to public relations to real estate firms. We created and implemented direct email, advertising, tradeshow presence, and novel guerilla marketing tactics and campaigns to surround each of these targets.

the result:

During the six-week project, Avantgarde programs increased traffic to FreeColorPrinters.com by an incredible 497%. By year’s end, the site was the single largest channel for the Phaser 850 printer. While keeping our eye on the deadline at hand, we also didn’t lose sight of the future. Each outlet was carefully tracked to make necessary adjustments and provide useful data for future programs.


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