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// 08.30.06

sentimental possessions

Refuse Toleave-1

While stopping for a pastry (yet again!) at DeLessio on Market street I saw a kiosk advertising an art blog project called That Which I Refuse to Leave Behind by Kate Pocrass. It's part of an exhibition titled The Dust Never Settles which is an exhibition of visual art projects by San Francisco-based artists exploring the 1906 earthquake from a contemporary perspective. I was struck by the question the poster was asking: What one object would you choose to take with you, if you were faced with having to evacuate your home?

This is a tough question to answer, eh? Since we are sticking to things, I think irreplaceable photos and art are at the top of my list. But which ones? My wedding album, portraits of my family, paintings, oh I don't know!? Maybe my laptop? I think I would have to see how I was handling in the moment. Part of me thinks worrying about objects at all is wrong, surviving would be good enough.

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// 08.23.06

sprouting jewels

Claudia Kussano-1

I walked a different route today [uh yes, by way of the waistline fattening Tartine] and came across this tiny store window on Guerrero St. filled with sweet silver and beaded baubles. I liked quite a few, especially the sprouting seed earrings (hanging in the above photo). I hope to stroll by and have an inside look-see one day soon. Her name is Claudia Kussano.

// 08.16.06

Drinks with Jóhann Jóhannsson

Jóhann Jóhannsson

Spent the evening talking with Jóhann Jóhannsson about film and music. Quite the star here in Iceland. He is off to play with Pole in Denmark this week. Looking forward to bringing him to San Francisco for a tour.

// 08. 9.06

sf shorts

Sf Shorts-1

Couldn't help notice the unmentionable illustrations in the BART station this am. Actually the version I saw was in pink, even cuter but my TREO couldn't handle taking an image across the tracks, it was too far so it ended up blurry and sadly unusable. Anyway I love the drawings, so take notice that sf is hosting a short film festival honoring mini movies. It starts tomorrow, get moving.

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