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// 04.18.07

market street art

This beautiful art poster exhibition is on view March 12 to July 12, 2007 in the Market Street triangular kiosks between Van Ness and the Embarcadero. From the SFAC site: Artists Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather’s six poster images, titled Between above and below, reflect their exploration of various systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each poster consists of a collaborative drawing in which the artists isolated and juxtaposed particular forms and patterns derived from built systems and natural movements, such as traffic, tides, trees, bike racks, and more.

Creekbed Detail-1

The text on this image reads: "Marshland once penetrated as far north as the corner of Mission and Seventh Streets." The black marks in the foreground are Starkweather's marks based on a map of creekbeds below San Francisco. The circles in the background are Hughen's drawings referencing light bouncing off the water. Text and images from Amanda Hughen's site (more work here).

Commute Detail-1

The text on this image reads: "In 2010, an average of 425,458 people will commute to San Francisco every day." The black marks in the foreground are Starkweather's marks based on a map of commuter patterns involving downtown San Francisco and the East Bay, and the arrows and circles in the background are drawings Hughen made referencing the arrows and circles in and around Market Street (stop lights, one way signs, pavement markings, manhole covers, etc.).

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// 04. 4.07

imagine india

Imagine India-2

I can't recall ever thinking I've got to get myself to Macy's as soon as possible, but after being intrigued by the poster on the public pay toilet I passed today at the 16th BART station entrance and then seeing a few ads fly by on the MUNI buses too I decided to look up the exhibit. The Macy's site hardly gives any inspiration or intrigue, but I found a jackpot of gorgeous images on darcitananda's flicker account (great photography!). Wow, the henna designs, the fabrics, the colors and displays all look amazing. So there's truly a first for a everything as I say "I've got to get to Macy's asap." {found flicker link through an interesting site for south Asian American women, called Nirali Magazine}

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