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// 01. 9.17

Addepar: The operating system for our financial world.

Addepar Home Page

Addepar’s goal is to create one “operating system” for the financial world. One platform that can manage any asset, any currency and provide real-time value and reporting and insight. Working together with Teak, we partnered with Addepar to create a positioning, visual identity system and brand story to clearly define their purpose, engage their audience and (in their words) change the financial world. We completely re-imagined their website and developed all content, including a documentary series featuring their clients and the visionaries behind the company as well as engaging and educational product overview and tutorial videos.

// 05.23.16

Cor Launches on Indiegogo


Today we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for an amazing product called Cor. Cor is a health tracker that allows you, at home, to measure your blood chemistry and get real insights into your health & wellness. If you’ve ever used a FitBit, or Nike Fuel Band or anything like it to track things like steps or sleep–Cor can actually tell you if those activities are actually making a difference in your overall health. Read more about Cor

// 09.17.14

Tycho's Music Video Redux For "See"

Tycho See

The Creators Project just premiered GMUNK and company's performance cut of Tycho's See video, entirely made up of Kinect-informed infrared footage. Its an amazing visual exploration of the original See experience.

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// 06.26.14

Bot & Dolly's BOX Receives Silver Lion at Cannes

This week, on the heels of its Webby Award win for best experimental film, Bot & Dolly's Box received a Silver Lion for Film Craft at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

With over 6 million total views on Vimeo and YouTube combined, Box is the Creators Project fourth most watched video and a feature in many film festivals around the world including the International Short Film Festival - Clermont-Ferrand.

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// 06.13.14

Online Video Go Korea Launches as part of Visa’s The Samba of the World


As part of Visa World Cup Digital Campaign, The Samba of the World, Avantgarde produced Go Korea, a celebration of South Korea Football. Directed by Reuben Wu, the video delves into South Korea's rich and euphoric football fan experience through the pencil and paintbrush of the street artist Sam Flores. The journey is an audiovisual anthem of both ancient and modern South Korea, depicted in a dynamic, moving collage of sound and vision.

You can see Go Korea as part of Visa’s The Samba of the World playlist or on the Visa’s World Cup site where you can jump between all films at any time by selecting each country's flag.

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// 05.14.14

Tycho's "See" Video Premiers on the Creators Project


We are proud to announce today that the Creators Project premiered Tycho's video for See. The video was directed by Bradley "GMUNK" Munkowitz, who was also the creative director on the Webby Award winning Box, the lead interface graphic designer on Oblivion and animated graphics designer on Tron.

The video shot with a modified RED EPIC camera to capture the full light spectrum, is a mystic vignette that follows a single heroine's journey through a series of stunning environments and parallel universes.

// 05. 8.14

Instagram Filter Creator Releases Litely a Photo App for iOS


Cole Rise, photographer, designer and developer of the majority of Instagram’s photo filters has just released his first photo app, Litely. Cole has a unique perspective on digital photography, social sharing and app design that has influenced his work as developer/photographer and Litely has been designed to embody his philosophy of the simple, subtle and natural. He believes that digital images and camera phone photos specifically should not be caricatures of themselves but beautiful works of art, proudly shared and made to last the test of time.

We are proud to be a part of his launch and feel that that Litely for iOS will change the way consumers think about their images by helping them take better photos with their phones and other digital devices.

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// 05. 1.14

Box Wins 2013 Webby Award for Best Experimental & Weird

Box Webby Award

Bot & Dolly's Film Box joined the ranks of other Webby Award honorees by winning the 2013 category prize for Best Experimental & Weird Internet video. The Experimental & Weird category honors sites and Internet videos that reflect a fresh perspective in thought and action strong enough to start a revolution, change a behavior pattern, or advance old thinking lodged in bad habits, or that are just plain weird.

Congratulations to the Bot & Dolly team for their amazing work. We are proud to have been part of this Internet sensation and know that there is more to come from this creative powerhouse.

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// 02.26.14

Google Nexus 7: Fear Less

As part of the global campaign for the Google Nexus 7 tablet, we created a series of authentic, emotive stories based on the Google experience. The launch spot for the campaign, "Fear Less," is the tale of a young man who uses the Nexus 7 to overcome his fear of public speaking, only to encounter another one of life's great challenges.

// 01.31.14

Google Nexus: New Website

Screenshot 2014-01-27 16.56.38

As part of the evolution of the Nexus brand and product line, Google asked Autofuss to redesign the Nexus website. Historically Nexus had been a single line of mobile phones and the existing microsite suited this product lineup. But as Nexus started to build a range of products including the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets while at the same time continuing to launch phones, their site needed to scale with the brand. At the same time, Nexus was moving from a brand targeted at developers using the Nexus phones as a reference development platform to a brand for mainstream consumers. With this in mind Autofuss, in a development partnership with Redshift and UNIT9, re-imagined the product site as a full fledged brand site for the Google Nexus family of phones and tablets.


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