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// 01.23.03

365 Main Creates an Online Home for its Data Center

Situated atop Rincon hill, the 365 Main data center building is anchored on a natural bedrock slab. Originally constructed as a U.S. Marine Corps storehouse in 1946, it underwent a substantial $130 million renovation in 2001. Today, it is simply the best-built, most intelligently designed structure in San Francisco and possibly the United States for mission-critical data center operations. Avantgarde worked with the operations staff to develop a website that accurately communicates the features and benefits of this unique data fortress.

// 01.14.03

Avantgarde Continues to Promote the Treo

Following the success of the Avantgarde first Treo seeding project, Handspring hired Avantgarde to develop a new program around its new Treo 300 which supports the Sprint PCS Vision network. Avantgarde targeted the speaker base at PopTech! 2002 conference, giving each speaker a new Treo with Sprint service. PopTech! is a once-in-a-lifetime conference that features nationally known speakers from both the mass media and the digital worlds. Avantgarde continues to work with Handspring to spread the word and help promote its products.

Handspring Treo Communicator Named Best Overall Product of 2002.


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