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// 12.14.04

Timbuk2 Ships Bag In A Box

San Francisco’s own Timbuk2, a maker of hand-sewn bags for bicycle messengers and cycling enthusiasts since 1989, has Just introducing thier newest innovation - Bag In A Box. They have packaged a special $100 gift card in a distinctive package - perfect for your holiday gift giving. A unique secret code on the back of the card unlocks the $100 value on their web site - just enough for a custom messenger bag, one accessory and express shipping.

// 12. 1.04

Being online means you will be attacked by intruders

NPR Future Tense, December 1, 2004

If your computer is connected to the Internet, especially by a broadband connection, it's being almost constantly probed by malicious hackers who are looking to enslave machines and use them to send spam, steal consumers' identities or launch "denial of service" attacks against computer networks.

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