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What Timbuk2 Has to Say

"Avantgarde played an essential role in assisting Timbuk2 with the implementation of the Cradle To Cradle bag for TED2006. They pulled together key relationships, assisted with the creative development, and managed the execution. The Avantgarde team is passionate, creative and organized - just what we needed for this successful project."

- Mark Dwight, CEO, Timbuk2

What Palm Has to Say

"Avantgarde has the rare combination of a strong technical foundation together with the ability to develop strong influencer relationships that allow them to craft innovative marketing programs. Avantgarde played a significant role in Treo's success by initiating a number of creative programs that developed hundreds of valuable long-term relationships with cultural thought leaders and influential personalities in business, entertainment and academia."

– Allen Bush, Director of Carrier Marketing, Palm and Director of Worldwide Communications Handspring

What Zone Labs Has to Say

"In the Time To Live on the Network program, Avantgarde was able to take its strong understanding of the technical security risks of personal computing and develop a demonstrative program that showed the critical need for a personal firewall. By enlisting the help of Kevin Mitnick as an expert security analyst and successfully pitching USA TODAY to cover the project, Avantgarde was not only able to show the real time for a personal computer to survive on the network but also to build a credible story and communicate it to Zone Labs' key demographic."

- Te Smith, Director of Marketing Communications, Zone Labs


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