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// 03.20.07

Hollywood's All Ears

Forbes.com, March 20, 2007

Some manufacturers turn to outside marketing firms to get their phones in stars' hands. Palm (nasdaq: PALM - news - people ), for instance, hired Avantgarde, a San Francisco-based marketing company, to outfit stars like Matthew Broderick, Mario Batali and Peter Gabriel, among others, with its line of Treo smartphones. Others go in-house: Motorola runs its own invitation-only showroom in West Hollywood, designed solely for A-listers.

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// 03. 7.07

Avantgarde Refreshes Its Look

After a few years of just maintaining the Avantgarde web site, we have finally refreshed the site to more accurately reflect our evolving business, the changing times and our varied cultural and business interests.

What will you find?

The new Avantgarde website is actually three websites in one:

1. First you will find the corporate information site. This area has all of Avantgarde’s updated information, a new portfolio area, and a collection of new clients and updated case studies. These case studies include 4 new stories about our work with Palm, the Timbuk2 store and Timbuk2 TED Bag and Zone Labs.

2. Next you will see the first of two blogs. The Press blog contains all of Avantgarde’s company and client announcements, press clippings, press releases and client quotes. This area will be updated regularly with new press, client announcements, site updates and portfolio additions.

3. Finally you will find the Avantgarde Journal. This area contains musing about our personal interests in music, fashion, food and design as well as any other areas that we might fancy.

Let us know what you think.

I would love to hear what you think about our new look and content. When you get some time, send me an email to marcus@avantgarde.com, or just put up a blog comment on one of our entries.

Keep in touch and get our updates.

If you want to keep on top of what’s new with Avantgarde and see what we are doing, you can either subscribe to our site RSS feed or sign up for our email list. The first fifty people to sign up for the email feed will get a copy of our recently released limited edition double CD: Avantgarde // Swayzak Presents Serieculture.


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