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Buzz on the Web: Influencing the Influencers

Dan Greenfield, Vice President of Corporate Communications at EarthLink, contacted us a couple of weeks ago about the idea of influencing the influencers. He was interested in finding out about what Avantgarde thought about the effect of influencer marketing on the adoption of products and services and what was important in the process.

Our take, "Throwing tons of money at all the influentials in the world won’t work if the product itself doesn’t meet a genuine unmet need. The brand experience has to be a reflection of the personal creativity of the user in order for a product to translate from a small circle to mass consumption."

Read more on this blog: Bernaise Source

How to manage email to prevent productivity-sapping overload

In a new book, Mark Hurst argues that Americans are chronically overloaded with bits -- the building blocks digital information. Hurst, a principal in the consulting firm Creative Good, says we're buried by e-mail, blogs, digital photos, and podcasts.

In the book Bit Literacy, Hurst provides a roadmap for better managing digital information.

Hurst enlisted the help of Avantgarde to get the word out about the book. We developed a target list of influencers who could help spread the word about this common sense approach to managing information overload.

Hear the pod cast RealAudio - MP3 - iTunes and read more book on the Bit Literacy website.


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