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// 09.17.14

Tycho's Music Video Redux For "See"

Tycho See

The Creators Project just premiered GMUNK and company's performance cut of Tycho's See video, entirely made up of Kinect-informed infrared footage. Its an amazing visual exploration of the original See experience.

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// 04.20.12

Marcus V Colombano joins Berghs School of Communication as Course Director

Marcus PhotoBooth Full

Marcus V Colombano: advertising and communications is an inherently international exercise

With Berghs c/o Academy of Art University summer program in San Francisco getting closer by the day, Marcus V Colombano, course director, has his hands full. His task is to find interesting companies and industry expert lecturers, a task for which he is perfectly suited.

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// 02.24.10

Waffle Mania on KQED and Twitter

waffle mania

Waffle Mania, one of my favorite street vendors in San Francisco, is benefiting from our social media strategy. We found them a new location on Tehama Street @ 2nd St. and established a twitter feed for them (@WaffleManiaSF) in January and they have taken off. They just doubled their followers in one day with a post on KQED's food blog Bay Area Bites and are thinking of getting a new truck.

a downtown trek to waffle nirvana

The "waffle man" that many people seek out is, more often than not, Alain Dupont (while there are a few other business partners, Dupont is frequently working the waffle irons). While he's a familiar face at many of the local markets, the Tehama Street routine is new. I asked Dupont why he decided to spend more time in San Francisco and how he chose the quiet, unassuming street. After doing a very successful catering event in mid-November at BarrelHouse (@barrelhousesf), friend and marketing guru Marcus Colombano encouraged Alain to come down to BarrelHouse on a more permanent basis, and the CBS folks across the street have welcomed him with open arms. The rest seems to be history.

// 03.11.09

Timbuk2: Best All-Around Yoga Bag 2005


Timbuk2 Yoga Bag $100

For the yogi on the go, we couldn't find a better choice than this bag by Timbuk2. It's sturdy, compact, stylish, and fun. It comes with a detachable padded shoulder strap and an easy-access pouch for a water bottle. The mat buckles to the outside of the bag, leaving plenty of room inside. There's a large inner pouch plus four small pockets for essentials like your keys, wallet, and cell phone. One zipper pocket is perfect for file folders and papers.

- Check out Yoga Journal for a full read.

// 07. 9.07

Ten things 2007 - a class with Michael Shanks about design


Just ran into this interesting review of the design aspects of the Timbuk2 retails store written for a design class out of Stanford.

"When I first embarked on my research for this project I was looking a for a few specific things. I was trying to discover what were the human factors behind design. How was the object culturally appropriate? What does it say about the user and what does it reveal about their status? What I began to see was how a company chooses to market themselves. How they companies position themselves in the market. It seemed to be a complex formula about perceived value, price points, and target market. I thought to myself that the world of merchandise was a sterile formula applied universally to a baseless market, that was successful for a handful of well financed companies. However, In the midst of my research I found a company that was above that influence. A creatively unique brand, with a story and product to match. That company is Timbuk2."

- Check out Ten things 2007 for a full read.

// 06. 1.07

Buzz on the Web: Influencing the Influencers

Dan Greenfield, Vice President of Corporate Communications at EarthLink, contacted us a couple of weeks ago about the idea of influencing the influencers. He was interested in finding out about what Avantgarde thought about the effect of influencer marketing on the adoption of products and services and what was important in the process.

Our take, "Throwing tons of money at all the influentials in the world won’t work if the product itself doesn’t meet a genuine unmet need. The brand experience has to be a reflection of the personal creativity of the user in order for a product to translate from a small circle to mass consumption."

Read more on this blog: Bernaise Source

How to manage email to prevent productivity-sapping overload

In a new book, Mark Hurst argues that Americans are chronically overloaded with bits -- the building blocks digital information. Hurst, a principal in the consulting firm Creative Good, says we're buried by e-mail, blogs, digital photos, and podcasts.

In the book Bit Literacy, Hurst provides a roadmap for better managing digital information.

Hurst enlisted the help of Avantgarde to get the word out about the book. We developed a target list of influencers who could help spread the word about this common sense approach to managing information overload.

Hear the pod cast RealAudio - MP3 - iTunes and read more book on the Bit Literacy website.

// 03.20.07

Hollywood's All Ears, March 20, 2007

Some manufacturers turn to outside marketing firms to get their phones in stars' hands. Palm (nasdaq: PALM - news - people ), for instance, hired Avantgarde, a San Francisco-based marketing company, to outfit stars like Matthew Broderick, Mario Batali and Peter Gabriel, among others, with its line of Treo smartphones. Others go in-house: Motorola runs its own invitation-only showroom in West Hollywood, designed solely for A-listers.

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// 12. 4.06

The mating dance of the 'techno-sexual'

CNET, December 4, 2006

Yet gadgets don't have to get in the way of love. Marcus Colombano, a managing partner at a San Francisco tech consulting firm, is also a self-described gadget hound. He's set up his home media center so he can control his music streaming with a Palm TX. On a recent trip to Napa Valley, he watched the Italy-U.S. soccer game on his Treo 700w by streaming the video from a Slingbox at home--which streams media to any number of devices via the Internet. (For the record, he was in the passenger seat.)

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// 05.10.06

Timbuk2 Store

Cool Hunting, May 10, 2006

As a testament to their continued commitment to their home-base in San Francisco (all their bags are manufactured at their own factory) there's an ongoing rotation of artist customized canvas bags, often from local street art stars. The space was conceived by Avantgarde, designed by William Duff, Architects and includes fabrications by Linden (the dudes who's workshop is behind the Blue Bottle Coffee kiosk). All locals.

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// 05. 7.06

Custom Canvas: It's all in the bag for Timbuk2

San Francisco Chronicle, May 7, 2006

Last month, the company opened a store on Hayes Street, where for $100 to $250, patrons can customize a shoulder bag with anything from old jeans to printed fabrics designed by local artist Thorina Rose. Creative, urban types can design one-of-a-kind messenger-style or laptop bags using a collection of Davina Melange wools and other durable upholstery fabrics from the Manhattan company Maharam, known for its elaborate textiles. The store offers funky color and pattern combinations not available on the company's Web site or at the sporting retailers that carry Timbuk2's regular product line, which sells for $50-$100.

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// 04.14.06

Timbuk2: Fashionably Functional Bags

SF Station, April 14, 2006

Both the fashionable and quality-conscious can now get their fixes at the Hayes Valley boutique for Timbuk2's trademark messenger bags in one-of-a-kind incantations, as well as other exclusives not available at other retail outlets or even on the Timbuk2 web site. Though the brand's popularity is widespread today in a variety of demographics, the bags' reputation and loyal following started among hard working bicycle messengers and cycling enthusiasts who needed rugged bags in which to courier their goods. Despite being a ubiquitous fashion accessory for both men and women, many urban bicyclists still swear by the quality symbolized by Timbuk2's distinctive "swirl" logo and classic three-panel design. And a note to the hombres: these messenger bags won't detract from your manly look like many murses (man purses) can.

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// 04. 5.06

Timbuk2 Opens First Retail Store in San Francisco

Bicycle Retailer, April 5, 2006

Designed to celebrate the creative energy of San Francisco and local manufacturing, the new Timbuk2 store will feature one-of-kind and limited edition extra-small, small and medium classic messenger-style bags made of specialty fabrics and unique color combinations that are not part of the company’s current wholesale offerings. The store will also feature an ongoing display of artist original canvas bags that currently features six local artists.

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// 02.26.06

TED Gift Bag: Totally sustainable, quite cool

TEDBlog, February 27, 2006

I thought I'd follow David Hornik's post about the gift bag loot, with a note on the bag itself ... We're proud to say that this year's gift bag is the first totally sustainable messenger bag produced by Timbuk2. Its genesis is a great TED story ...

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// 11. 1.05

Gadgets of the Rich and Famous

Wired Magazine Issue 13.11, November 2005

You just can't buy exposure like this. Or can you? Electronics companies have realized that brokering ties with celebs is worth budgeting for. Palm hired Avantgarde, a San Francisco-based marketing firm, which got Peter Gabriel, Buzz Aldrin, and the hipsters in Lady­tron dialed in to the Treo 650.

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// 12. 1.04

Being online means you will be attacked by intruders

NPR Future Tense, December 1, 2004

If your computer is connected to the Internet, especially by a broadband connection, it's being almost constantly probed by malicious hackers who are looking to enslave machines and use them to send spam, steal consumers' identities or launch "denial of service" attacks against computer networks.

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// 11.30.04

Unprotected PCs can be hijacked in minutes

USA TODAY, November 30, 2004

Surfing the Web has never been more risky. Simply connecting to the Internet — and doing nothing else — exposes your PC to non-stop, automated break-in attempts by intruders looking to take control of your machine surreptitiously.

Those are key findings of a test conducted by USA TODAY and Avantgarde, a San Francisco tech marketing and design firm. The experiment involved monitoring six "honeypot" computers for two weeks — set up to see what kind of malicious traffic they would attract.

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Clean System to Zombie Bot in Four Minutes

Slashdot, November 30, 2004

According to the latest study by USA Today and Avantgarde, it takes less than 4 minutes for an unpatched Windows XP SP1 system to become part of a botnet.

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// 05. 1.04

The Royal Gadgeteers

Chicago Tribune, May 1, 2004

Companies want to know what ‘influencers’ think about their latest gizmos.

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// 02.13.04

Palm's Celebrity Guests, February 13, 2004

Lou Reed, one of the founders of the Velvet Underground and the author of a number of rock classics, recently suffered a personal loss: His Treo 600 got killed in a traffic accident.

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// 01. 1.04

TED 2004 Interview

January, 2004

Want to create "buzz" about a new product? Go to Marcus Colombano, he's one of the premier influence marketers in the country. PalmOne choose Marcus to seed TED with the Treo600 phone. TEDizens will then seed the world.

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// 12. 8.03

Anatomy of a Buzz Campaign

Business 2.0, December 08, 2003

Before Handspring could get customers talking on the Treo 600, it had to get them talking about it.

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